I Can Hear the Cuckoo Singing in the Cuckooberry Tree

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I Can Hear the Cuckoo Singing in the Cuckooberry Tree

Postby Binky » Sat 07 Oct, 2006 11:25 am

I LOVE me some crazies! So today must be my lucky day---because a Super-Crazy has taken out a half-page ad in the local (Southern Utah) paper here.

On it there's a pic of a hellish red mushroom cloud. And at the top, in huge boldface it says:


Do You Want To Live?
Then Keep The Commandments.

And I thought to myself, I sure DO want to live! So I kept reading:

Saddam will soon die, Hinckley will too
Floods and fire, the world’s a zoo
A dreadful scourge, harlots are caught
The sun at night, and few left to fight
Unbelievers will wail, children shall cry
Millions more wish they could die
Hypocrites will fight, as long as they can
Few too are left, down to the man
Write he said what it is to see
And the bee shall search fruit of a tree
Interest brings death, service is life
Blind dogs that don’t bark, caught in the strife
Dumb sheep to the slaughter, happy they go
Into the pit, a land full of woe
These things have been foretold, long, long ago
They who won’t read have no reason to know
Fuel for hell’s fires, they argue with God
The land of the living, no longer they trod
O why do men think they are smarter than God
They deny their own doom, and laugh at the rod
Don’t repent and give glory to God

And I thought---shoot I just barely “denied my own doom” the other day while in the checkout line at the grocery store and my horoscope (on those little scrolly things) said “There is a lot of fluidity at work and you’re challenged to stay on top of it” and I DENIED it, because I had ditched work that day!!!!!@(&^#!!kjsoo!!

Anyway, at the bottom of this AWESOME ad in the paper it offers:


Who knew that salvation would come from Parowan, Utah? I urge you to go to this site where you can meet the Parowan Prophet and learn that he was in a “coma” for three weeks and he saw World War III and that he also has 12 children and that he is also WICKED AWESOME.

Like I said, I love me some Crazies.

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