Municipal Merve -- Eric's TV debut

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Municipal Merve -- Eric's TV debut

Postby Karen » Tue 28 Nov, 2006 04:23 pm

If you remember the blog entry about "Safety First" from back in September, you may remember that clip came from a little show called "Municipal Merve" that I created with Curt and Puppet Guy back in 2002. I am please to announce the entire show, complete with outtakes and deleted scenes is available for your viewing pleasure at:

The first four minutes are us playing with the camera and developing characters, so you may want to use the slider to skip that. I'd also like to add that there were no scripts and it was my first time using non-linear editing software, so if it seems a bit, ah, choppy, be merciful to my learning experience. Enjoy!

p.s. -- try going full-screen and dragging the viewer to the size you like!

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