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Internet radio

Postby robcan2 » Wed 23 May, 2007 10:44 am

There's a national Internet radio station ( that plays original music from over 3,700 mostly un-famous bands (over 7,200 songs), but some of them are every bit as good as the national acts.

The band RAPTURE (my brother's band) has two songs in the "Top 100 Songs - USA." Lead guitar player Franz Hoff wrote one of them ("You're Away") and my brother wrote the other ("Waiting"). "Waiting" is in fact in the top 10, and "You're Away" in the top 25. The songs are under the band name Rapture.

If you are interested and want to have a listen:
1. Go to
2. Choose a username and password and log on.
3. See "Featured Stations," one "Top 100 Songs - USA" another "Top 25 Songs - Utah."
4. Click on "List" next to either and you'll get the rankings - but you have to wait a long time to get those rankings, like 60 seconds or more depending on your Internet connection speed, so if it seems like the rankings list is not popping up, just keep waiting it will eventually come up.
5. But if you just click on a song, it will pop up pretty fast.

"Waiting" is also no. 1 in the Utah list, and "You're Away" is no. 8.

You're likely to also find some other great songs from other un-famous bands. Enjoy!

Of course, RAPTURE's songs won't stay ranked forever, so check them out while they're still hot! A band called GRAYSON HILL from Georgia, also in the top 10 - USA ranking, is touring and has signed with a record label. It is interesting that there are only two rock bands in the top 10 - Rapture and Grayson Hill - the rest of the top 10 is populated with hip hop acts. Except Benton Paul from Provo is hovering around 10 - many of you might like his song "Look for the Light," kind of a folk ballad. The diminished showing of rock acts is not unusual - even among national acts - rap and hip hop have been dominating the Billboard top 100 for the past several years, with pop artists and rock bands making maybe 20-25% of the list in a good month, sometimes less.

My brother said, "Somebody needs to keep rock alive, and we're happy to do our very small (and probably insignificant) part. It's a social imperative!"

Rapture will probably be performing in Utah this summer. If anyone is interested, I'll let you know the whens and wheres whenever I find out.

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