Seeking Santa

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Seeking Santa

Postby PyroFalkon » Thu 06 Nov, 2008 01:38 am

So Christmas is around the corner, and what better time for Santa-related hilarity that, depending on whether your sense of humor matches mine, may or may not be that funny.

Regardless, I need something, and seeing as how you all web search ninjas around here seem to have things like this on hand...

I'm looking for a version, any version, of "Santa Clause is Coming To Town." Here's the catch: it must be in the public domain. I'm going to be using the song for IGN Entertainment, and I don't want them getting sued (or worse, me getting fired).

I don't care if the version has lyrics or not, although lyrics are preferred. And the less annoying it is, the better: I'm sure some moron out there has added a beat and record scratches to the song in an effort to make it "hip" and "cool" and "so totally marketable for Pepsi," but I just want a nice simple one that features more than some guy playing a piano.

Woot! Get to it, you no apostrophe all!

P.S.: Who coined the phrase "web search ninjas" around here? That's right: me. You're welcome, ya darn plagiarizers.

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