Money help!

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Money help!

Postby KMD » Tue 15 Jan, 2013 01:05 pm

Not the kind you usually get asked for by ungrateful relatives...

We have been using MS Money for years for reconciling our checkbooks. Since we both have checkbooks/ATM cards coming out of the same account, we like to balance those in Money, and reconcile it against the statements from the bank. Well, problem #1 with our little scenario is, Money has been "sunset". So no new updates/versions. We have the last version of the product. Problem #2 is, we got a new computer a couple months ago, and it's Windows 7. Our version of MS Money installed fine, and it opened our existing .mny file and I was able to add new entries in there, and then it automatically backed it up when I closed out. But, the next time I went in to add entries, it says the .mny file is corrupted. So is the backup file. There's supposed to be a "recovery" tool that should fix the file, but it's not working. So, it looks like we're going to have to suck it up, and move on to another tool.

What are you all using for this sort of thing? Quicken? An Excel spreadsheet? I am very leery of things like Mint, anything that is putting all my banking info on-line, or worse, requesting my bank info, so it can download my data directly from the bank.
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Re: Money help!

Postby Momma Snider » Tue 15 Jan, 2013 01:55 pm

We use Quicken, although I use the term "we" loosely. He uses it, mostly. We used it back when all our money was in the same place, and it worked well. Now I have a different bank where we deposit "my" money for the month, so I don't deal with Quicken much, but I think Rocky is still happy with it.

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Re: Money help!

Postby SDR » Tue 15 Jan, 2013 02:36 pm

I've tried a number of the online money apps and did not care for most of them. I'm currently using one at for a few reasons:

1. It does not require direct access to your bank accounts.

2. It has a reasonable (though not perfect) web interface.

3. It has an Android app that my wife & I can use on our phones to interact with it rather than having to wait until we get home (though I often wind up doing that anyway).

4. It implements a fairly intuitive envelope-like system to help with budgeting.

I am 99% sure it has a free option that limits the number of envelopes (ie budget categories) you use. I currently am using a $45 per year paid plan and am on my second year of use.

Edit: shows the plan pricing, and yes, there is a 10 envelope free plan, but it does not provide account / checkbook balancing (it is just for budgeting). The $45 / year ($5 / month) plan is the cheapest one that supports account level tracking.

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Lady Celtic
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Re: Money help!

Postby Lady Celtic » Mon 21 Jan, 2013 08:34 am

Spreadsheet, loosely based on the Pear Budget model, that still makes me cuss every week, but that's because I need to rework my budget.
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Re: Money help!

Postby ImAdhis » Thu 07 Feb, 2013 10:38 am

I use an Excel spreadsheet I commissioned my husband to make. But our money is relatively simple because we don't do a lot of little transactions anymore. For example, we generally take care of all the groceries transactions done in one or two big transactions. I hated -HATED- having to go through and look up all our debit card transactions, so I ended that.

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