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Postby Papa Moose » Thu 19 May, 2005 02:09 pm

I figured it would just fix itself after a while, but it hasn't, so I now ask. Why might about half of the emoticons show up as red-x boxes for me? (Far more than half of the "View more Emoticons" page, but almost half of the regular ones. Looks like the ones called "images/smiles/icon_<blank>.gif" work, and the "images/smiles/<blank>.gif" ones do not.


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Postby Eric's Fat Brother » Thu 19 May, 2005 02:50 pm

It will eventually fix itself. I haven't had time to fix all the issues that were caused when we were hacked a month or two ago. One of those issues is that we have a bunch of emoticons in the database, but only some of them still have images associated with them.
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