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The logo...

Postby quidscribis » Sat 09 Jun, 2007 07:33 am too wide! Does it have to be that wide? I prefer to keep my browser window smaller, but it's so wide that I have to keep it at least this wide, or scroll left-right through the posts...


Other than that, it looks nice. :) It's gotta be new. I didn't notice the scrolling yesterday or the day before. It's new, right? I'm not just being psychotic, am I? I mean, about this, not in general...
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Postby Eric's Fat Brother » Sat 09 Jun, 2007 05:59 pm

The logo is new, if by new you mean several months old. And I don't want to make it smaller; it is currently 808 pixels wide, which means the only people with issues will be people with their resolutions set to less than that on width, and those people get no sympathy from me.
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