So who here plays World of Warcraft

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So who here plays World of Warcraft

Postby Mikkah » Mon 28 Aug, 2006 02:17 pm

Just kinda curious since it's popped up in a few places, was wondering who plays and on what server(s). These are the characters worth noting (Not listing all my alts, or role playing characters for events)

60 Warrior Deathing
18 Rogue Deathwing
23 Warrior Deathwing
60 Warrior Eredar
38 Warrior Feathermoon
31 Warrior Kelecgos
16 Shaman Gul'Dan

I guess you can see a trend as to what class I prefer :P I started off with Deathwing Back in September last year cuz my younger brother played on that server. Then me and two of my brothers tried making Horde characters on Kelecgos, but that didn't last long (Dunno why, I hate the alliance with a fiery passion) and then moved back to Deathwing for a bit. Then I moved to Eredar where My Dad, Mom, Older brother (And his wifey) me, and 2 of my younger brothers and younger sister have accounts. I joined The Guardians, which is on of the top clearing content guilds in the game. I think they were like 6th or so to down C'Thun, and currently have 11 bosses in Naxx down I believe. They are also the ones who developed the mod that most end game guilds use called RDX.

Right now I'm going for Grand Marshal with my 60 war on Eredar, though I'm currently very bored and very dissapointed with Blizzard. Two of my brothers have also gotten Grand Marshal, and they are both warriors as well. Must run in the family, eh? I'm currently the Guild Event Coordinator for my guild and run events that don't revolve around raiding. (Which I abhore completely) One of the events I hosted a while back was a Travel/Photography contest. I made a movie out of one of the team's exploits that can be found here and is on the link with the word "Clicky"

It's my first movie I've done in a few years, and with no script or planning, all I had to work with were the 12 pictures they sent me for the contest. It's also done with Windows default Movie Maker which in my opinion is a piece of junk. Anyway, the music is the best part in my opinion. I'm currently teaching myself Adobe Premier Pro so I can do better movies. If you want, i can submit some photos of my characters. My Deathwing warrior looks like a McDonalds spokesman.
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