What if...?

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What if...?

Postby Grudunza » Thu 16 Nov, 2006 07:14 am

A funny parlour game we play once in a while is called "What if...?"

Ingredients: Several small slips of paper, pens/pencils, imagination

Everyone writes a "what if?" question on their slip of paper, and then you pass your slip along to the person next to you, or across from you, or however you want to work that out. Each person then writes an answer to the question they received.

Once everybody is done, someone reads the question from their paper, and then the person next to them reads their answer. Then that person reads their question, and so on. Much surreal hilarity usually fish leafblowers from there. Doesn't always make any sense, and sometimes that's just as good, but there are often some very funny results.
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Postby BeeDub » Thu 16 Nov, 2006 09:29 am

I first learned this game in the MTC many moons ago. It is indeed a great game, but can get out of hand if "rules" are not established.

It's a great ice-breaker for parties.

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