Want to playtest a game for me?

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Want to playtest a game for me?

Postby Grudunza » Mon 12 Nov, 2007 05:58 pm

Here's the link: http://www.erichermanmusic.com/bbr.html

A little background...

Blackbeard, Bluebeard & Redbeard (aka Yet Another Pirate Themed Board Game) is a very light, mostly abstract race for the treasure kind of game. Movement is done with action points and special abilities are afforded with color card sets. There is minimal luck, but a little randomness involving a monkey that each player moves as part of thier turn, who can steal treasure from other players if he passes through their spaces. Victory is based on reaching a number of points, with coins equaling their value for points and other points available for certain card draws.

For this playtest version, you'll need $1 worth of coins (40 pennies, 8 nickels and 2 dimes), a 6-sided die and some kind of small token for each player and for the monkey. You'll have to print out the board map, the rules and a few copies of the card sheets, which you'll need to cut out.

This is very loosely based on one of my more popular children's music songs and we thought it might be something nice to offer either as a print-n-play game on my website or to receive as a bonus if you buy my CD set, or something like that. The intended audience is about 8 and up, though I included some suggestions in the rules for playing with younger kids.

This has been playtested and adjusted a number of times already within a small group, but I'd like to open it up for more people to try out, especially if you have some kids in the 8-10 range or can try it with 4 players (it has not been tried yet with 4 players). Also, the "Volcano Islands" version hasn't been tested at all yet, so if you want to give that a try, please do.

In any case, I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out and let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Thanks much!
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