A temple in ROME!

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Postby Jersey Girl » Sat 11 Oct, 2008 10:09 pm

I attended a Saturday night temple session once in the DC temple and it was pretty dead (no pun intended). I actually like a quiet empty temple compared to a busy crowded one. I can barely think when people are having whispered conversations with long lost friends and relatives. I don't think the DC area will be at a loss of temple workers since most are supplied from the surrounding stakes, but I bet their hours will be shortened. They did that when Manhattan was opened. The cafeteria is closed and they are adjusting to smaller temples being nearby. I attend the temple once a month, but that's because it's only 40 minutes away. I know I'm probably an exception to the rule. DC is a busy place and I'm sure people aren't making the time to go up there as Audrey said.

I only went occasionally when it was five hours away in NJ. I still was surprised the Church put the Philly temple in the Center City area. I like the suburban temples and was happy to move away from the Manhattan area temple. I assume wedding pictures were not the highest priority when the Church decided to place the temple. :)
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Postby Karenins_SuperSon » Mon 03 Nov, 2008 04:43 pm

When someone asked me where in Rome the temple was going to be built, I replied, "The Vatican. They've already got the infrastructure to support it, because it comes with its own Security Guards and stuff."
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