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Yes... and I'll explain in a post as to why it is wrong.
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No... but only in circumstances of rape and/or incest.
No... if she is married and the couple's regular contraceptive failed.
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No... it is an option whether the woman is married or not.
No... and I'll explain in a post as to why it is not wrong.
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Postby KMD » Mon 30 Mar, 2009 01:17 pm

Just so ya'll know, this isn't just a Mormon thing. My mom drilled it into my head growing up that sex was only for after marriage, and that any woman who had sex before marriage was a (well, word I can't use on this board. Let's just say there are entire houses FULL of them.) and that included my sister. Just lovely. Let's see, what other gems did she give me. "Boys will only want one thing from you." Yeah, that one does wonders for a girl's esteem... "Boys will tell you they will DIE if they don't get it. Believe me, this is a lie." I actually had one guy try that one out on me, and I laughed so hard in his face, I probably spit on him a little. Oh, and many other things that would also "get me pregnant", that now I know it is completely impossible to have made anyone ever pregnant.

And KareNin, I also understand about your hubby. I denied myself for so many years, saying No became the norm. When we were engaged, I realized I wasn't having "the feelings" for my intended anymore, because the thought of finally saying Yes was so overwhelming to me, and in a way, felt dirty and wrong? I know, it sounds weird, and I was the hot chickie in her 20's! I was (am) very much attracted to him, but the thought of doing the actual act, um, that would be Wrong. Even now, we've been married almost 11 years, some days I still feel that way. Not the "Go away, I'm tired, I just want to sleep!" rejection, but instead the "Are you kidding me? We can't do that! It would be Wrong!" and he has to remind me, uh, no, not wrong. This would be exactly why God made sex feel so good. So married people would do it more often.

Shesh, moderator, we need to get a TMI flag up in here!
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Postby Sara without the H » Mon 30 Mar, 2009 02:22 pm

Has anyone watched "Splendor in the Grass" with Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty? It's a movie that brings up a lot of issues surrounding chastity. Deanie (Natalie Wood) and Bud (Warren Beatty) are high school students in love. We know this because they do a lot of heavy kissing; the movie doesn't show that their relationship is based on anything else. It's set in Kansas in the late 20s.

The double standard is alive and well, and Deanie's mother counsels Deanie that good girls don't enjoy sex. (IMO both of these ideas are lies.) Bud wants to marry Deanie after high school as he goes to the ag college. Bud's rich father wants him to go to Yale instead. Bud listens. Deanie's mother tells Deanie that Bud won't respect her if they go "all the way." Deanie listens. Bud feels like he's going to burst unless they do something, but Deanie won't. His elders advise him to look for a "bad girl" to help him out. The consequences of all of these bad ideas play out in the movie. Bud's sister is also a "bad girl," so you see the consequences of that side of life.

The modern interpretation of the movie's moral is that chastity is what caused the problems in the main characters. I don't think that's true, because the bad girls didn't have a great life either. Could Deanie have taken the middle ground of giving in to Bud without becoming a "bad girl"? That depends on whether or not Bud would have continued to respect her, and if he would have married her. Within the society depicted in the movie, women went one way or the other.

What caused the problems was the double standard and the idea of "women don't enjoy." Following the church's counsel would have made life easier on both of them: don't get involved in a serious relationship until you are ready to get married. Avoid lots of making out. A little kissing is okay; it's good to know that you like each other physically before getting married, but don't make a practice of coming too close to the line. The standards of chastity are the same for men and women.

The movie has lots of food for thought and discussion. It's been a while since I watched it, so prescreen it before showing it to teens. (As I recall you see the naked backside of Natalie Wood.)

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Postby Jersey Girl » Tue 31 Mar, 2009 09:11 pm

Did anyone hear Pres Monson's last YW talk? It was the first time I can ever recall a president of the Church slamming hard on the virtue of young women. He was very firm almost to the point of shouting (I didn't grow up in YW so I might be wrong). It goes to show that girls as well as boys better watch out.
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Postby Lowdoggy Dogg » Tue 31 Mar, 2009 09:51 pm

Pornography is a growing issue for young women.

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